Your Personal Wake Up Call

Hi.  I am your personal wake up call.

Like it or not, time keeps ticking and for some reason it’s so much more apparent as you get older, isn’t it?  But reality has it, it goes by quick, and the days, months and years are passing us by.

I speak to Women daily who have gorgeous interests, desires, dreams and goals yet are so stuck in their own head and in their fears that they let time just keep passing by.  Then before they know it, they are in the exact same place a year later.  The place of fear and procrastination with no new nor exciting changes to experience.

This saddens me.  It saddens me so much that I am giving you a personal wake up call.  Right now, if you are reading this, this is it.  It’s time to wake up and to start showing up for yourself.  With so much love, time is flying and life is TOO short.

Along with your wake up call and life being too short, do you know just in the past few weeks I’ve learned of a close family friend suddenly passing away, another getting Cancer, another  friend of a friend suddenly having a heart condition while another dear friend heads into surgery holding onto her dear life at the young age of 45.  Ah!  I get health and the unexpected is part of life, but for god’s sake, each day you have is precious!  This is part of your wake up call.

I want you to NO LONGER neglect yourself and your deepest inner desires and to PLEASE start showing up for yourself today.  Can you do that for YOU?  How about for ME?

If you desire to build an amazing relationship with your partner, to find new love, to go for that new job, to start your own business, to call a past friend or family member you haven’t spoken to for years, to forgive someone, to go for that promotion, to use your credit to buy that new designer and outfit, then my love, go for it and start showing up for you now.  Not years from now.

image1Years ago when I was in my funk, I coasted for months. I was clear on the things I desired, such as to start my own business and to be VERY selective never settling for less when it came to love but I had no clue how to make shifts and take steps that had me kicking ass in a new business, not repeating past mistakes and finding a great life partner.  Nor did I know how to get out of my own head or my own fears.  So I stayed and played small for months. That was me, NOT fully living.

It was not until I gave myself my own wake up call and started to show up for myself, that my entire life shifted for the better!

I learned that everything I wanted to do, be and live was all up to me. AND that I had to wake up and show up for myself if I was going to make any of my desires a reality.  My first step was to get the help and guidance as to what baby steps I could take first.  Once I got clear as to what to do daily and got into my groove, bam, it did not take long to see and feel empowering shifts that took place from within and throughout my day to day.

You never know what the future holds so why not go for what you desire now? Showing up for yourself is your 1st step.  If you need to get out of your funk, make some changes, move through your fears, move on from past hurtful relationships, feel fulfilled again in your work, rock out your life (now!), love your lifestyle, have fun dating, meet an emotionally available and committal man, and ultimately having a companion to enjoy the entire ride with, then this is your wake up call.

Are you going to take this to heart and get on board?  Why would you wait another minute not showing up for yourself?  Life is too short.  You are 100% responsible for what is happening in your world and what is going to happen next.  And the beauty around that is that YOU can do something about it.

It’s definitely not too late, but it is time.  And due to that, I am opening time on my calendar to help you specifically GET OUT OF ANY FUNK and START showing up for yourself right now.

Click here to chat for FREE if you are ready to wake up and show up.  And no longer coast letting days, weeks, months and years pass you by.

Love, Jeannine

PS – I am here to help you move through any funk, get clear and take baby steps to make your desires a reality.  Where do you start?   Click here and I will walk you through exactly what to do next.