Why Men Ghost – Part 2 of 2

I feel bittersweet about the ‘Ghosters’.  Those who end a personal relationship by suddenly withdrawing from all communication.
Let’s face it, Ghosting is a coward move.  Period.  Those who ghost are simply afraid to authentically and vulnerably communicate.  They take the ‘easy’ way out and never reach out, even if it’s just to say goodbye and good luck.
Although I feel strongly as per above, I also have compassion for ghosters.  Compassion because I believe they carry inner wounds and demons from their past that they have yet to heal.  My heart goes out to them because they don’t know any better.  They never learned to connect with their own truth to get clear with others.
My message to the ghosters: Get support. Learn to connect with your truth.  And next time, when you’re “done”, have that last conversation or some sort of contact for closure.  Don’t avoid it. Do it with dignity, be authentic and communicate.  Don’t just run.  Grab your balls (or whatever it is you need to grab) and do it better next time.
For those on the other side, if you’ve ever been ghosted, don’t chase.  I’ve been ghosted before and I tell you, it hurts.  It’s confusing and you never feel like there was proper closure.  So my advice to you if you’ve been ghosted is to focus on moving on.  Don’t ever chase.  I know it’s hard.  I’ve struggled with it a lot too.  You must be strong and work on yourself.  Self love yourself up!  Shift your focus to gratitude (be grateful the ghoster is gone too), what you ultimately desire and the light already in your life.  Keep on keeping on.
Also, be stronger next time.  If something does not feel good for you, do not ignore it.  And if you don’t really know your partner well enough, while the communication is very off, ghosting may happen.  Listen to your gut and connect with your own truth.  Check in on what ‘you’ may be contributing as well (remember your own energy and vibration matters) and take the lead to communicate.  If something still feels off, then you need to grab your own balls (or again whatever you need to grab), not stick around and say goodbye.  Be the one to close it out with class!  
P.S. If you feel that you may be giving off the wrong vibe or energy when it comes to men you are dating, let’s connect. Honor yourself and start attracting better men.  Let’s chat ~ Email me directly at Jeannine@JeannineAddonisio.com