Why Men Ghost – Part 1 of 2

I am feeling called to shed some clarity and light around the modern day dating and relationship experience known as ‘ghosting’.
And geez, there is even a google definition on it:  The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.
This week is Part 1 of ‘Why Men Ghost’ which sadly is happening to too many amazing women (and even men) all over the world.  I myself have experienced a form of it…  And that was with someone whom I actually had a very loving relationship with.  Go figure….
So for Part 1 of this very important 2 part email series, I’ll kick if off with the fact that there are truly no excuses for ghosting. Period. And before we look at the ghoster and how cowardly that action is, let’s look at how YOU may be contributing to being ghosted.  If you’re looking for clarity around ghosting and how to avoid it, keep reading…
Here’s the thing, it is critical that you are aware of what you are ‘bringing to the table’.  If you feel off in any way then you are carrying resistance that will show up in your energy.  What I mean by this is if you’re disapproving of how someone is or what they do or how they live.  Also, if you are still carrying something from your past.  Such as perhaps a limiting belief that you are always being put down or that you will be abandoned or cheated on again if someone in your past did it to you prior.  These are examples of resistance that you could unknowingly be carrying in your energy to all of your dating and relationship experiences.
We are energetic beings. And even without saying a word, people can feel your energy. Many times your beliefs from the past or your expectations for your current partner will repel, without you (or them) even being aware.
I want you to be very clear as to what’s going on within yourself and your own energy vibrations.  Recall if you have ever been ghosted.  What was going on with you at the time?  Do you recall any resistance you had from within?  Were you working through any inner kinks from your past?  Were you communicating with ‘the guy’ talking through the good, the bad and the ugly that may have come up or were you holding stuff in?   All of this is resistance will show up.
ANY and ALL resistance you may have felt or feel today will take away (and most likely fog up) any loving, positive and good feeling vibrations with your (potential) partner if it’s not addressed (or simply dealt with).   That said, it is very much worth taking a step back at this time to do an energy check-in with yourSELF.  How have you been showing up in your dates and relationships?
The Golden Exception
Now I want you to know if you are or have felt disrespected or if it turned out to be something that possibly came up from the past – you should always trust yourself and do what’s best for you. Period.
If your partner is disrespecting you, during your dating or relationship in any way, not communicating to you nor working together to resolve any conflict, you shouldn’t be with him anyway. At that point, then do yourself the favor and ‘do repel’ that man.
But note that every time you feel resistance (disrespected, expectations, jealousy, fear, etc.) it’s an opportunity for you to go within.  You may discover that what you are experiencing is your own stuff.
I truly believe that WE are the source of ALL that we create in our lives. You have control over you, your energy and how you show up for love.  You hold the power to create your own possibility.
If you’ve been ghosted or would like to avoid it let’s explore what part of it you may have contributed to. I’d like to offer you an energy vibration check-in as to how you have been showing up to your dates and relationships.  Want to do that with me?  If yes, you are wise.  Email me directly at Jeannine@JeannineAddonisio.com for a 30-minute FREE  energy checkin just for you and to help you prevent ghosting in your future.
Love, Jeannine
P.S. If you’ve experienced ghosting and want to know if you may be contributing to creating that experience yourself, email me directly at Jeannine@JeannineAddonisio.com for a 30-minute FREE  energy checkin to help you prevent ghosting in your future.