What’s Missing For You?

Tell me, does this sound like you?
You are content from day to day as you successfully juggle the many things in your life from managing your family to working to making some fun plans with family and friends during these warms months however deep inside you feel something is missing.
You’re not lonely.  You actually have enough going on in your life with family and friends that you are in fact quite busy.  But there’s something very evident in your heart that is missing.  An inner void that only you feel.  Could it be a very deep desire to connect with a good man, experience intimacy and share your life with someone?  Even more, how about having a great partner that would not only bring a new balance to your world but a beautiful fulfillment to complete your family?  Whether that would consist of just you two or it would become a blended extended version, you just know it would bring a whole new deeper level of joy, inner fulfillment and excitement.
I get it!  I know it can take time to meet someone special as I myself had these exact desires to meet a good man. A man that I could call my family.  Do you know I did not get remotely close to achieving this desire at all until I fully started showing up for myself?  What did that look like?  I learned to love myself first, get out of my own head (and learn how the heck to do that!), and put myself out there.  This was the only point in time that my missing links started to fade and my deepest desires become fulfilled. 2ce95550dbdb77e3a879162da1e45369
Isn’t it frustrating to have the desire to fulfill something missing in your life but not do anything about it?   If it’s love that you want, whether you unknowingly have a deep fear of rejection, not even sure you are ‘ready’ to open your heart again or you still need some healing from your past relationship, how long do you really want to wait?
Is this you?  If yes, then I am opening my calendar just for you.  I know 1st hand what it’s like to feel stuck, nervous and afraid to open your heart again.  I also know what’s it like to feel like something is missing in my heart and not do anything about it.  It’s so frustrating.
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