What’s Comes After A Heartbreak?

Deeply loving another, opening your heart and letting someone else in can be very scary! Especially if you have ever felt the sting of a heartbreak.  Well, part of opening yourself up to love is taking that risk in getting hurt.  And depending on your capacity level to let love in, that can really sting!
If you’ve ever experienced that sting (like I have) then you know 1st hand sometimes we subconsciously tend to avoid it happening again by completely pushing it away.
Well there is something to the ol’ saying ‘no pain no gain’ and today I come to you with the power as to what you need to do with that pain after the heartbreak.
Before we go to the pain, let’s celebrate the good that comes from loving another and when we open our heart to love.
The ‘good’ is the delicious part of letting love in.  When it’s on and it’s growing and flowing it feels AMAZING!  O-Gasmetic, if you will!  And I hope you’ve had that experience at least once in your life thus far.


But because I want you to find the right love, I want to lead you to it and part of leading you there, is you getting WHY you sometimes experience and have to go through the painful crap first!!!!!
My 1st question ~ IS opening your heart to love, all over again, after a sting, really worth potentially experiencing it again?
My short answer is, HELL YES!  Going through the ‘good’ is worth every minute, cause when you do find the right one, you will have your AHA moment understanding why you had to go through all the other ‘Mr. Wrongs’ first.  And no longer experience heartbreak again.

HOWEVER, I learned the hard way, if you don’t take the time to dig into why your past love got what I call ‘bad and ugly’, then you didn’t get the lessons (the gifts) that you were supposed to learn from it and with that have a much bigger chance of repeating the same mistake over, until you do learn that lesson.

So, for yourself and your amazing love life ahead, it’s worth going into the pain. It’s the stings in life and especially breakup, matters of the heart, that you learn your biggest lessons from and it’s these exact lessons that if you take the time and energy to go into can create the most powerful and deeply growing breakthroughs.
Here are some of the ‘post breakup’ lessons I’ve learned along my journey to love:
  • Don’t ignore your gut and red flags when it comes to your partner’s obvious change in behavior if he is not willing to lovingly connect with you around it.
  • It’s ok to have fears, as long as they are reasonable. The right partner will get that.
  • No need to focus on titles, ‘real’ love will grow and flow naturally. And when you meet the right man the yummy flow will simply never end.
  • Avoid choosing narcissists and sticking around long enough to experience their true colors.
  • Take the time to work through any past wounds, then keep going back to love.
So, what are the lessons you’ve learned from your past breakups?  
I am compelled to be the vessel to help you find out what those lessons are. Why? Cause post breakup is the most crucial time to learn and grow from before your next relationship.  Not only to heal, forgive and let go, but to grasp what went wrong, and dig into the aftermath (so to speak) so you can fully experience the growth, expansion and unravel the gifts.  AND FURTHERMORE, so your next choice is much closer to being ‘the one’.
Some of the questions to ask yourself are: Why do you think you chose your ex, that specific man?  What was the mirror in him, that was also in you, that attracted you to him (I know, deep one)? Why did it go sour, to the bad and the ugly?  Why did you stay as long as you did if something felt really off?  Why did you take him back after multiple breaks that he initiated?

If you go to that ‘what can be painful’ place with me, I promise, it will bring you a sense of CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and FREEDOM in all your choices ahead.

Who is ready to join me on this path to inquiry where we together get you clearer and closer to meeting the one? Click here and let’s chat.
Taking the time to ‘go back and go there’ WILL make a huge difference in your choices going forward and who you let into your precious heart next.
With love, Jeannine