Kathy Sinnott

My life was coming apart. I am divorced after 32 years, I am 56 years old and feeling like I was drowning. I started dating but wasn’t finding a quality man. I needed to have shoulder surgery, and sell my house. I was worried about a relationship I was having with one of my 5 kids. I read books, and started watching webinars about relationships and dating.

Then I met Jeannine Addonisio. I started working with her and soon realized I wasn’t being authentic with myself.  I was playing small not taking charge, had low self esteem and meeting men that were not good for me.   She woke me up and helped me immediately regain my bearings, organize my thoughts, feelings and completely take charge of my life again!

Because of Jeannine’s guidance and direction, I am now in a relationship with a man who treats me so well, I have sold my house, am relocating having purchased a new condo, I feel closer with my children and I feel like my life is amazing again!  I have so many friends that really want to help me and what I learned is if you can let yourself out of your comfort zone, walk through your fears and actually talk to a relationship coach (Jeannine is amazing!), or cheerleader, life changes can actually happen.  I highly recommend it.
Thank you Jeannine for giving me my life back.

Colleen McKie

Jeannine’s skills reach far beyond that of just a dating coach. She is articulate, bright and steadfast. For me, the different areas of my life are intertwined and having a coach who can relate in different areas and on different levels was very important to me.

I look forward to my sessions with Jeannine as there is always a takeaway…uncovering something buried, learning something new about myself or finding places where I need to focus. And the homework…the homework has been nothing short of life altering, but I’ll warn you…it’s not always easy. The thinking process has opened up things to me that I may never have discovered on my own…discoveries have led to other discoveries that have led to some pretty big revolutions for me.

Jeannine has not just been my coach, she has been my guide, my confidant, my mentor and my friend. I know that I am a better person today because of my work with Jeannine.

Ashley Cameron

 I started working with Jeannine when I was going through a difficult breakup with a narcissist.  Having a relationship with a narcissist and then going through a breakup with one was like no amount of pain I had ever felt before. From thinking this person genuinely loved me to realizing how incapable he was of true unconditional love to just how cruel he could really be.  This breakup left me feeling lower than low with constant obsessive thoughts.  At the same time I had just recently quit a corporate career that was sucking the life out of me, to pursue my dream of starting my online business in an area I have a passion for in health and wellness.  I was in a “stuck” place in life because I had no energy from the breakup to move my creative work forward.

When I started working with her I could just feel how genuine and empowering she was!  She was incredibly easy to talk to like a close friend, and someone who would give me honest information, feedback and inspiration.  Jeannine helped me take my power back by not allowing negative obsessive thoughts to control me any longer.  She helped me re-shift my focus, by helping me to realize my worth, seeing my breakup was a major blessing, and that I deserved way more.  During this process it helped me to learn more about myself and areas I wanted to develop.  She helped me to focus and take action on the things that really mattered, like getting my website launched for my online business and creating my first service. I would definitely work with Jeannine again and recommend her to anyone going through a breakup, starting a new business, or just feels stuck!  Thanks Jeannine you are a rockstar! 

Michele Finn

Before I started to work with Jeannine, I was feeling stuck in bad dating habits and patterns. I have been having 2-3 month relationships for the past 2 years. When I began talking to Jeannine I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and my self-esteem was very low. I realized it couldn’t be just the men I was dating, it had to be something I was doing.

I was feeling insecure, sad and lonely and doubtful of my ability to choose the right man. I felt lost from making the same bad choices over and over. I was also feeling devastated over my boyfriend’s suicide, which happened shortly after Jeannine and I began our sessions. With that anger, resentment and even more sadness came up.

Since working with Jeannine I completely shifted in my confidence. I can now talk to a man or go out on a date and be much more sure of myself. I am clear about what I want now, own my values and do not feel the need to compromise them for anyone. I also have more hope for my future, that I will meet the right man for me. I also feel more comfortable not trying to control my future.   I am making an effort to try new things, and meet new people. I am starting a relationship group for women in my area. I am attending a meditation meet up as well.

I see am entire shift in my attitude since Jeannine’s coaching. I am taking a more passive approach in dating and letting men pursue me, instead of me chasing them.I highly recommend Jeannine as a coach. I had spoken to a couple of similar coaches, and I chose Jeannine because of her ability to relate to me. She is a real person, not some guru who appears to have figured out all the secrets to life. I felt comfortable talking to her, and being honest. In my opinion, she gave me real, honest, advice and solutions to incorporate into my life. With the phone sessions, then “homework” exercises between sessions, Jeannine helped me make the positive changes in my life that I needed along with rediscovering my “Inner glow.” 


I signed up for Jeannine’s ‘Back In The Game of Dating’ VIP Day to “help me get back in the game”. I was ready to start dating, but didn’t know how to begin.  The day consisted of identifying my core values, helping me think about what I wanted in a relationship and getting me to believe that what I want will be available to me.  These exercises were invaluable. Most importantly, Jeannine helped develop my on-line profile and gave me helpful hints on how to navigate this new world of dating. 

Thankfully, I’ve been on line for a few weeks and I’m having a great experience.  My VIP day was well worth it!  Jeannie’s support and plan helped my getting back in the game a true success.