Want To End This Year On A High Note?

It’s December 3rd ~ Wow 29 Days until 2017! What the %^&*!!!!

Ha, just kidding… it’s a great thing! A new year is coming… This is something to celebrate!

Let’s embrace what went on this current year, the good, the bad and the ugly and let’s let it slowly walk out the back door… Wish it well AND get excited for what’s to come in the new year.images-209

Take these next 29 days to end the year on a high note celebrating YourSELF and the year you just took on. Congratulations, YOU made it through and next up is a very promising and exciting new year just around the corner. Yip! Yip!

What’s done is done this year, don’t freak out about what did or didn’t come to fruition… It’s December and being the confident woman you are (or one you will become!), take a step back, be grateful for the good in your life today and take the reins off of any pressures you may be feeling. Try to gift yourself some space from it all, just for now.

Single or not single, confident or not (yet!), having fun and dating or not so much, etc…………….whatever is your reality right now, try to set aside any resistance you are feeling and relieve yourself.

Here are some quick tips to help you end this year on a high note (in no specific order):

Make Plans & Get Social! Go to the holiday gatherings, meet with your girlfriends, create your own party, be social and get out and about this month. If you really need a reason, just act like all of the parties that you were invited to and that you will attend were created to celebrate YOU and how far you’ve come this year. Why not?!

Stay Present ~ You don’t need to be a spiritual guru for this. Simply embrace the people, conversations and experiences that are ‘right in front of you’ every day by staying present. Take the pressure off of yourself and set aside any burdens weighing you down. Be present and tune into what’s in front of you. Watch the daydreaming or the feeling bad if you don’t have a date stuff. Enjoy your freedom and be present with who you are with at each moment. Try this ~ when I do it, I enjoy every moment so much better, single or not! images-204

Gift Yourself ~ Yup, you need to buy others their gifts but what are you gifting yourself as you celebrate ‘YOU’ and the end of this year? Treat yourself to a new outfit and rock it out or gift yourself a spa day…. whatever it is, don’t forget to gift yourself.
Break a Sweat! I know, I know, the not so exciting one, but it’s that important cause as you merrily take on the fun this month, you can also take on the pounds. To feel good about yourself, you don’t want to weigh yourself down, literally. Do any kind of exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week ~ But Do Break a Sweat!

Be Brave & Add Some Spice ~ Do something NEW within the next 29 days (in 2016!!!!!). Something that you’ve always wanted to do yet for some reason (typically its just ourself getting in our own way) you haven’t yet; something that you can do locally, that’s affordable and that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do ~ JUST DO IT!!!!!!!
Be Grateful ~ Be grateful for any love that you felt and that you were given this past year (in any form that may have come in). Always remember the good and the people who were/are good to you. Practice gratitude daily and reflect on the ones who love you and those you love.

Start Your 2017 Creation Journal ~ This is to start planting the seed and to start writing down what you truly want to accomplish and to bring into your life in 2017. START your own 2017 Creation Journal ~ make it fun, colorful, paste pictures in it, whatever floats your boat ~ but start to get that out of your heart, onto paper and into the Universe. Time to get excited about the new year!

P.S. If you need any guidance or clarity taking these on before you ring in 2017, email me directly at jeannine@jeannineaddonisio.com and let me know as I’ll be happy to help get you moving along.

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