Want To Attract Someone Great For You?

The underlying theme from my ‘How to Love Yourself Silly And Attract Someone Great For YOU’ training this past week was based from these 5 simple yet very powerful words:

‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’. image1-3

Your vibe is your energy.  The type of energy that radiates off from you attracts and mirrors what is drawn to you.  Honoring yourself and sprinkling in ways to continuously nurture and listen to your mind, body and soul will help keep your vibe in a good, positive and happy place.  Focusing your energy towards the light as opposed to the dark as you navigate your day to day is a quick an easy way you can take a pulse on how your own energy feels at any given moment.

Your tribe, AH the people that are drawn to you.  That law of attraction in effect!  When you continue to nurture your own vibe, and really start to become aware of your energy, if it’s in a good place (the light) or if it’s down a ‘lack of’ way of thinking or dark alley, you will be amazed as to how just having that awareness can shift your energy.  As you experience things in life (the good, the bad and the ugly), see if you can shift your energy to make light of things when you are in feeling crappy or in overreacting mode (which we are all guilty of from time to time).

What is drawn to you, really is all on you.  And guess what?  You can only control your internal world, not your external world.

There is one more huge piece in attracting someone great.  It is ‘knowing what you want’.

After being emotionally knocked down a bit from my breakup years back, I still had a VERY clear vision as to what I wanted in my life and the type of relationship I wanted.  It may have been hazy at the time as to ‘how’ I would get there, but I was clear on it as it was my ‘truth’ which has since become such a powerful word in my life.

My truth as to what I wanted was (1) to rise above, grow, learn and up level from my overall past relationship experience.  Not just move forward and move on to another relationship.  But to take a true step back and regroup with myself in such a way that I honored my self, my being and my overall life on a while different and much more conscious level.

My other truth was (2) That I was NOT giving up on LOVE.  Post breakup, I was more motivated then ever because I embraced the lessons learned from my past. Putting my ego aside, letting go and putting all lessons in a category as ‘gifts’.  And being clear that I wanted someone with whom I felt safe with and someone who I can by my truest self with. This along with having authenticity and heart as the foundation were music to my ears (and of course my heart).GetClearSite

So being so clear as to what I wanted and knowing my vibe attracts my tribe has become my ahMEN in being on the right path to attract what I want!

SO, what is that you want?  Are you clear as to what path to set sail on and what type of relationship and man you ultimately want to attract?   Is there anything holding you back from taking that very next step in getting what you want?

I would LOVE for you to let me know personally.  Simply HIT REPLY to this email OR email me directly at Jeannine@JeannineAddonisio.com ~ I really care and would love to hear from you.

Sending you ALL much love, strength and courage to take on that very next step in attracting whatever it is you want into your life.