3 Essential Phases To Reclaiming Your Power Post Break Up

Ah, saying ‘I do’ then only so many months later signing divorce papers, well if that isn’t a dream marriage or at least a taste of some really bad reality TV, then I’m not sure what is. Well, that was my reality a few years back, so I can surely say that I am here to talk the talk, as I have walked the walk.

When we go through a break up, one that results in any level of feeling frazzled when an intended Plan A becomes a not so planned Plan B, we find ourselves in post breakup land. Regardless of our experience, whether it was utterly relieving while frazzling or utterly devastating while frazzling, it still rocked our boat, of which also shifted to a one-seater!

fb3cf8f1e88001d87e4c99562ba510f9The beauty of endings is that we can learn how to create new beginnings and show up for ourselves in a whole new way… even on a whole new level. Life does move forward (It’s amazing how that happens!) however where my interest lies, is how we choose to live life after the fact and how we choose to show up each day as it moves forward.

So how do YOU go about reclaiming your power… post breakup?!?!

Some of you may be moving forward by just coasting and are still in a funk. Or perhaps you feel numb but are just trying to persevere as you co-parent doing the best you can for your little one(s) while still feeling frazzled from it all. Others may be persevering forward getting through the frazzled period while taking the learnings as a wake-up and growth experience as they up-level to their next chapter.

Well my dear friends that is where I come…. My initial very dim light got brighter and brighter as I took the reins back, found my light again and reignited my world.

My 3 part video series was created specifically to walk you through ‘the how’ to start ‘Reclaiming your Power Post Breakup’ by discovering ways to:
• Get UNSTUCK and clear so you can move forward in your life
• Rediscover yourself & have WAY better relationships ahead
• Bring the fun back into your life & prepare to enter the dating world again

The videos dive into the 3 essential phases that I went through to reclaim my power, which is why I am so passionate about helping you reclaim yours…!

All 3 FREE Videos are only available up until March 2, 2016 so hurry by emailing me directly if you want access…

P.S. – The Videos provide you with tips and personal guidance from my experience to: Video 1 ‘Take the Reins Back’, Video 2, Find Your Light Again and Video 3 ‘Reignite Your World’

I would LOVE to hear what you are hoping to create for yourself this year in these areas of your life… please leave a comment or send me a note anytime.


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  1. Katie Bish says:

    I would really like to receive all three of your free videos.

    • jaddonisio says:

      Hi Katie – You got it, I’ll send all 3 videos to you via email keep an eye out for them… 🙂 What are you looking to work through and achieve this year? XO Jeannine