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Jeannine Addonisio is the “Get Back in the Game of Dating” Coach for successful Women over 40 who are ready to fill a void when it comes to their personal romantic relationships, up level on the dating front, meet a great man and take on this modern dating scene in a whole new refreshing light. 

With her Proven 5-Step Formula taught inside Jeannine’s “Magnetize ‘Real Love’ After 40”Program, her clients build back their confidence, get crystal clear as to their desires and become savvy at modern online (and offline) dating beginning to absolutely enjoy the process of re-entering the dating world and meeting quality men! 

Jeannine knows setback, and created this program after getting divorced and finding herself right back into the dating game when she turned 40. She thought she’d be swinging from the chandeliers somewhere having the time of her life however instead she found herself picking up the pieces. 

Well, keep on keeping on is her motto until today! Jeannine turned heartache into a hero story and currently is living a delicious life as an empowered, adventurous woman in her 40’s. She surrounds herself with “good energy” and authentic people, preferring to focus on spiritual growth, travel, culture and a variety of music, from Andrea Bocelli to rock ‘n roll, along with her childhood favorite Bon Jovi.  

Jeannine holds a Masters degree and her 20 years in corporate managing people and relationships led her to launch a boutique relationship coaching company serving clients virtually, in person, in NYC and globally. 

She is certified as a Divine Living Coach, is the Founder of the Newly Single You Summit, Coffee Talks Live FB Weekly Series, The Confident Woman Online Event and is the Creator of Magnetizing Your ‘Real Love’ After 40 (Even if you don’t think you can find love again!).