Secret to Getting Back In The Game of Dating

From my LOVE for coffee and empoCoffee Talks FB Bannerwering women, here is an important nugget from my recent coffee talks series, Getting Back In The Game.

Are you rocking out and embracing being back in the game of ‘dating’ or do you not feel so great nor sometimes want to even deal with it? Maybe your thinking that you can’t balance adding dating to your current already nutty routine or due to a not so great past relationship your confidence is on the down low or maybe you are just not comfortable with having to make small chat and connections ‘again’ with men… ah maybe it’s a combo of all. Whatever it is, if you are on the down low about dating as opposed to being excited about it, it’s time to get on top of your inner game.

So you are back in the game, again.  A game that perhaps you thought you were done with.  Well, I am a huge fan of focusing on what matters, which is YOU and YOUR life today.  I am also a huge fan of saying YES and being open to new ways of manifesting what you want in your life. So if you thought you were done with dating, and you’re not, that is OK cause something MUCH BETTER is out there for you. And to be quite frank (who says ‘quite frank’ anymore?), the past no longer exists but what does exist are the endless possibilities that you can bring into your life. Could one of those possibilities be an amazing and fulfilling relationship with the R I G H T one? I am a firm believer that if that is truly what you want, you can make that happen.

images-104Well, ladies, welcome to wherever you are (one of my favorite Bon Jovi song titles; it’s so simple yet powerful welcoming you to ‘today’ which is what matters). It’s time to embrace ‘Getting Back In The Game’ with confidence and ease while focusing on you! How…??? Your inner game is what you need to nurture ~ it’s where all of your gold energy is stored, where your power lies and where your drive stems from! From your thoughts and beliefs to how much you love yourSELF to doing what lights you up’, it is this inner game stuff that when nurtured, brings forth a glow that just makes you flow!

Getting in your power from within is awakening your SELF to the awareness that your thoughts and beliefs drive your actions! While being awake to that, sprinkling in things to further build self love such as doing what makes you tick, staying active, eating well and absolutely scheduling into that calendar good stuff that brings you joy, love and laughter ~ This inner game nurturing is the internal stimuli that creates emotional stableness illuminating your glow without you even realizing it.

When you take the inner game serious enough, you will start to see shifts in your energy… These shifts will create space and with that more freedom to restructure YOUR day to day. This is the point where you start enjoying and embracing dating as opposed to dreading or resisting it.  And the bonus, with this good energy, good men will find you ~ the ol’ Law of Attraction at work.

The awareness to this focus then taking actions to nurture it is the secret ingredient to shifting your confidence. Just focus on your inner game first… it’s a lifestyle, not a task.   While doing this, see the shift in yourself as you meet others.  Don’t go chasing men. Just focus on YOU and enjoy the process of taking on your inner game and attention to yourSELF and see what comes back to you.

I, myself embrace the lifestyle of nurturing my inner game every day.  It’s a spiritual journey that is now a part of my routine.  Adding such practices lifts me up and helps me build and maintain authentic great relationships in my life.  It also keeps me true to my core values and focused on what really matters from self care to finance to career.  It simply keeps me grounded!

How can I help you sprinkle in practices to nurture your inner game? How can I help you rock out, enjoy and embrace dating?  Let me know by leave your questions comments below or simply email me directly.