Reclaiming YOUR Power in 2016… Starts with “Letting Go”

Ah, reclaiming your power in 2016…? Sounds awesome and quite powerful but what does that even mean and where do I start?!

Well, we have all been there…. Post Breakup. The parting of any relationship that once was whether it was days, months or years back… whatever it was, it just no longer is! My recent Newly Single YOU Summit was created to empower you to get those juices flowing ‘post breakup’, to start taking your reins back, finding your light again and reigniting your world! A huge part of that, and the seed I want to plant with you before we ring in a brand new year is how to get the ball rolling with reclaiming your power…. I want you to gain complete control of your life, remove what no longer serves you and bring in all of the amazing things that do in these next 365 days to come!

Most important, I know each of YOU have it in you, as you wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t!  So let’s do this… I am here to help YOU make it happen… And how lucky are we, a new year is about to begin, so let’s make this coming year the best one yet!

Let’s start with a few small steps… Be aware of your thoughts that continue to trickle in from the past. Start to shift your focus from all of the ‘what went wrongs’ to the what and how you desire to feel today.  Let’s remove any resentment and bitterness that may still reside within you and begin to shift those feelings and thoughts to good juicy positive thoughts you want to start experiencing now…. How do you want to feel in your next relationship?  How does your ideal partner feel in your arms, bed (PG rated… so leaving it at that)…?  What kind of fun do you want to share together?  What adventures do you want to create together?  What type of ideal job do you want to shift into?   What workout program do you want to start?  What new hobbies? These are the thoughts you need to focus on now…

Your thoughts from the past as to what “could” have, “should’ have, or even perhaps what he or she did, are non-existent… they are slowing you down and taking up space in your beautiful mind.

The key is to realize that you are having them. Yes, things happened. Yes, you took a detour or two in your life. The downfall of it probably felt crappy but guess what, it’s done… I come with some tough love for you but I know something great is coming and deeply believe that people who come in your life who do not serve your best interest images-101simply do not deserve to be in your life.

The experience you had was meant for you to learn from. It was meant for you to further discover the things you don’t want. It was meant for you to move through and bring you even closer to something even more amazing and better for you in every way. Shedding past emotional negative thoughts also enables a foundation of light, cleanliness (cleaning that palette) and gives you the space for new opportunity and success that you want to start a fresh new relationship from, new job from, new friendships from, new everything from… Furthermore, letting go of negative feelings, reduces your stress, and gives you more energy, which in turn makes you feel better and look better from inside / out!

With all of this, and I know some things are tougher to let go of then others, but to fully reclaim your power to live and experience the beautiful life you deserve, is there really any reason to hold onto thoughts that bring you down from your past any longer?

As we go through these awareness shifts of our thoughts, let’s not forget to also look ‘under the carpet’ from the past that I spoke of during my interview (if you haven’t heard listen here)…. Is there any other stuff that you were not able to come to terms with from your past relationship(s) yet? Is there something still ‘under that carpet’ that could hurt your next relationship? Healthy relationships are the vessel to love, partnerships, career, friendships, family and yourSELF so if there is more under that carpet from the past bring that out…. Be with it, as it also needs to go…. 

Once you are aware of your thoughts, keep shifting your focus to the desires and feelings you want today. What is it right now and going forward that you want to feel and what is it that you desire to bring into your life…?

THIS is where ALL the excitement is! Let’s fill the now available gorgeous space with amazing stuff that is in front of YOU, not behind you… This within itself is the reason to POP the champagne and celebrate… YaY!

So, take the lessonsScreen Shot 2015-12-29 at 2.22.08 PM learned, grow from them, embrace any good that came of it (I am sure you can find some), and most important with all the new space you create, start to focus on what you truly desire for yourself.

Take these next hours before that ball drops to regroup with this and bring forth what is needed to let go of.  With just having this awareness and taking these small steps you need to CELEBRATE CELEBRATE CELEBRATE the start of ‘cleaning your palette’ and the beginnings to Reclaiming YOUR Power in 2016!

Happy New Year!  XO



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  1. Denise says:

    Awesome post! This year my intention is to manage my though process around blame and guilt about what I SHOULD have done and focus on the positive. I’m realizing it’s all a learning process anyway.