I Was Afraid…

This past week, while hosting my local meetup group ‘Coffee Talks: Getting Back In The Game’, I shared some really deep fears that I had experienced over the past years. It was my being afraid then choosing to be bold to get unstuck and persevering forward (a.k.a. walking through my fears) that has made all the difference in my life today. 
I want to highlight the power of awareness as to what walking through some of your fears can do for you.  It’s ‘part of life’ that we all have fears however it’s what you do with them that matters.  If one or more of your fears are holding you back in any way, it’s time to do something about it.
From my experiences of being afraid to walk away from an empty marriage just cause I didn’t want to deal with the unknown to then dreading the online dating space to leaving Global Project Management Corporate background after 20 years and starting a new business to allowing love back into my life to getting ready to relocate.  Ahhhh, each of these experiences had big fears tied to them before I made the choice to put my ‘get bold’ hat on and walk through.IMG_5241What a huge sense of relief, joy and aliveness I literally felt after I walked through each. My relocation is another little leap I’ve been wanting to do for myself for years now which is coming up very soon.  So sometimes it takes a while to walk through them but when something continues to tug you internally that yo u fear to do yet you want to, eventually you need to walk through as that little tug never really goes away.
With each of my fears and changes that stemmed from the above, I honored myself and what I knew was best for me, by walking forward.  Listening to my gut while being nervous and excited at the same time ~ that was the sign, I had to walk thru!
When you honor yourself and walk forward through your fears, you elevate your life to a whole new level taking on change in such an empowered way.  Resistance is ‘your friend’ and the fears that are calling you are signs that you need not ignore.  It was cause I listened to those signs, I up leveled my life and overall journey while becoming more true to myself then ever.  There is nothing better then being true to yourself ~ it’s a big part of living fully.

After sharing my experiences and fears with the amazing ladies at my meetup group, I absolutely loved how nervous and excited each of them got when I suggested their next baby step over this coming month to help them further get unstuck and rock out being back in the game, was for them to choose one of their biggest fears that tugs them each week, to put their bold hat on and to start taking steps to walk through.  Just one – try walking through just one!  The one that they are both nervous and excited about at the same time, yes choose that one!!!

I reminded them that whichever they are most afraid of is typically the very thing that they must do.  Think about that one for a minute.  This holds SO t rue for me and each one of those fears that I had to walk through.  I am SO grateful I did!  So, the ladies giggled with much nervous energy around my request which told me it is truly their time to walk forward and leverage that one biggest FEAR AS their FUEL!


Love & Light~