Finding Your Own ‘Happy’

I knew there would be ONE golden thread amongst the many golden nuggets that stemmed from The Confident Woman Event but little did I think it would be one that EVERY SINGLE expert touched on.

Are your ears perked, or perhaps your eyes since you’re reading?

I don’t blame you.  This is honestly the key to your fulfillment, to attracting your soulmate and to finding your own ‘happy’.  And we ALLLLLLLL need our own happy.

Now for the one golden thread <<<<<drum roll>>>>>

‘S E L F L O V E’ it is!  Self love will lead you to your own happy. And quite actually that is YOU cherishing, loving, adoring and honoring YOURSELF!

positive-qoutes-self-love-qoutes-new-at-real-qoutes-desktop<<<Exhale>>>’Self love’ and finding your happy is all on YOU.  How great is it that though, that you do not have to depend on anything or anyone else in your life in order to get it, find it and live in it?

YOU own your own happy!  WHEN you sprinkle self love practices into you and your world daily (in the many forms that it comes in), you are in a more joyful state and enjoying the ride now.

How?!?!?! Cause you are doing the things that you love and the things that make you tick.  And the best part, it’s YOU that has this key.  At the end of the day, YOU have YOU.  And as you find your own happy, you feel more confident, your relationships prosper and loves comes in.

Yes, you, yourSELF being in a higher vibration with all kinds of self love attracts that higher vibration of love back to you!

So go bathe yourself in self love daily.  Go find your happy.  As you do this, you will start showing up more confident and you will be living your best life now.  Not months or years from now.

Don’t coast any longer from day to day without having your happy.  You want and deserve it all.  Take on your self love to lead you there.

When you’re in this state from within, you are the empowered version of you.  Go for being the confident woman you are and honor yourself daily by ‘finding your own happy’.

If you need a nudge or two or three to get some clarity around what the heck your happy is, email me directly



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  1. Kathy Sinnott says:

    I love reading your words Jeannine. You are amaxing at what you do. Xo