FEEL ALIGNED And See How It Sets You Free

Welcome to Wherever You Are… Wherever that may be in your current relationships with your SELF, significant other, family, friends, work colleagues, and acquaintances…

In individual situations and overall experiences in ‘relationships’ you are either in alignment (feeling good) or out (not!).  When a car is in alignment, it is fully functioning and when it is out of alignment, its in a rapid tire wear and tear path. You and I, when an experience or situation feels very off to us, we are experiencing a wear and tear internally and are out of alignment, without even realizing it…

When an experience feels good, core values are embraced, heart and intuition are aligned and all is naturally flowing smoothly.  This is you in alignment with that specific experience. No friction, no resistance or ‘off feeling’ just in alignment with whatever it is, which is an ideal experience.images-55

“Aristotle believed our core values such as courage, honesty, wittiness, friendliness, rationality in judgment, mutually beneficial friendships and the pursuit of knowledge and truth should manifest themselves in the behavior of all human beings.”

When the specific core values above that hold true for you are not demonstrated during an encounter something will feel off for you.  Let’s say if you cheat on your diet, are avoiding having challenging conversation with your boss, or you just got your hair done and you not a fan of your new look.  These experiences are you out of alignment with either yourself (the guilty feeling when you cheat on the diet) or others.  With either one, you are out of alignment when you can’t seem to let go of what just happened.  Being aware of this, you know you need to make a shift and take action after (at some point) to get you back into alignment on that particular experience.  SO, not leaving the salon until the hairdresser fixes that situation is a good place to start!!!

So why is it useful to know if you are in/out of alignment on things? Cause being out of alignment won’t go away on its own.  It’s not until you do something about it, re-align, will it disappear. When you are aligned, you feel lighter and FREE’er.  And the beautiful thing about awareness is that you can do exactly that.

Try this Alignment Awareness (AA) exercise for yourSELF following these few simple steps:

    • Note your core values that specifically hold true for you (listed above)
    • Take a pulse check as you go through your day to day in the coming weeks and just notice when any experiences (a conversation, a favor request, a purchase, a look from another person, anything and everything) feel off for you, that you can’t let go of.
    • What did not resonate nor sit well with you about that experience?  Did something or someone go against one of your core values?  Does it make you feel bad or upset?   When you can’t let go of the situation you are out of alignment. The clarity to this always comes from engagement and life experiences, not from thoughts.  So what do you do next…?

Once you identify you are out of alignment with something or someone, as you can’t seem to let go of a situation or experience, don’t lose site of it.  Sit with it. Begin to assess what you can do to re-align and shift it as it will always feel off until it gets shifted back to the ‘I feel much better’ and ‘aligned’ place for you.  

Amen to awareness… As YOU go about your day to day, take note as to what comes up on the alignment front. Then take your time but do re-align…  You will feel lighter and more FREE as you do!

Leave a comment below, especially if you can use some additional clarity and LOVE around this…

Thank you for listening as I, myself LOVE being in alignment….

XO Jeannine