Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. Why? Cause We Keep Sweating The Small Stuff!

Why is it that not until something negative or something really bad happens that we wake up once again to stop sweating the small stuff???
I love bringing awareness to YOU especially on the little things that can make a huge difference for you and on the things that we sometimes tend to not realize we are doing nor put into perspective while we are doing them.  Self sabotage…Ah!
So this is to help lessen that nonsense and keep you in the light, the positive good energy and on top of your ‘A’ game so you can continue to maintain and attract loving, positive relationships and things that you want and deserve in your life!
My loving reminder for you this week is to add ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ to your day to day awareness bucket.
Let’s together acknowledge that we all do it.  I am guilty of it!  I sweat the small stuff from time to time and then I wake up and say to myself, why am I doing this or why did I do that… it is truly so not worth it.  The power of awareness!
Let’s no longer create nor marinate in unnecessary stress.  Let’s be aware of it.  Sweating the small stuff brings forth unnecessary uneasiness, friction and conflict.  With that your health, relationships and career have a good chance of being impacted and not in a good way.
So the next time you are in nutty traffic or public transportation delays or someone or something is annoying the shiiiiiiiiit out of you, yet they are not doing anything to you directly nor disrespecting you (or your loved ones), just take a step back, put the situation in perspective and rise above it.img_8256
AMEN that it’s never too late to sprinkle new and old reminders of empowering positive golden nuggets into your awareness bucket.
Awareness to your own stuff, such as ‘sweating the small stuff’ is key to maintaining good energy and to manifesting and attracting whatever it is that you desire into your life.  YES!
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