Does It Get Better, As You Get Older?

As you get older, does it get better or does it all just become more real?
You are wiser, you have more life experiences, you learned a lesson or two (or 100) from your past love experiences, and you simply been through stuff.  Going through stuff, makes you stronger and quite frankly, makes you who you are today.

To add a little dose of reality to this mix, with age comes more responsibilities and much more awareness and clarity as to who you are as a person.  You are also more set in your own ways, you don’t need anyone’s approval and ‘for the most part’ you are done with putting up with anyone’s crap.  Not settling for anything less than you deserve is also quite appealing.

That said, wouldn’t you think with all this experience ‘being in our own power’ it does get better as you get older?

Well, when you were younger (before and during college days), you had much less responsibilities, not as many life experiences, health and eating organic were for the most part, never a thought, and you were much less aware of the depth that love and life really had to offer.  You enjoyed moment-to-moment more cause well, that’s all you really knew.  Less responsibilities and less worries about others just came with the territory of being youthful.

images-229What I come to realize is that as you get older, everything can and should be so much better AND even more real!  Better and real with who you are as the grown, mature, evolved and amazing person you’ve become today!

This can me most stimulating, exhilarating and exciting IF and WHEN you become conscious enough and really aware ‘taking in’ all the life lessons you’ve gained thus far…

Here’s a few key ones:

(1) You know who you are.  Do what you love and what fills your heart, mind and soul the most when it comes to your livelihood; sometimes simple is good and less can be so much more.
(2) It’s time to let go.  Put the past where it belongs.  Accept things you cannot change.  Appreciate the little things.  Practice gratitude daily.  Love, be loved and communicate more.
(3) Live in truth, integrity, respect and have an open heart.  Be open for love and new experiences while embracing boundaries, as they are there for a reason.  Your inner circle matters.  Quality over quantity; again less is more.
(4) Love hard. Find someone to share the amazing times & the inevitable challenging times ahead. The journey is much more fun, exciting and fulfilling to have a true partner in crime to share it with. Someone who adores you, who wants the same things, who has your back, embraces your world, loves your family and together wants to enjoy the ride!
(5) Be adventurous and find that Work / Life balance.  L I V E, L O V E and L A U G H much more often!!!!!!
So, does it get better as you get older?  Y E S!
However, it is all up to you.  It is YOUR time to create something truly amazing and it is all up to you, to make your ‘getting older’ absolutely GREAT!
How are you feeing around this?
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