Dating Quality Over Quantity

You deserve a great man in your life.  Someone who is also on the same page with you as to what you want down the road.  Yet being back in the game, the ‘great men’ are not always the easiest to find.
I know how that feels.  When I became single again in my 40s, I had no interest in going to bars and being amongst ‘the scene’.  I wanted to meet quality over quantity and with that I knew I would need to kiss a few frogs before a prince’like man would come along. I say prince’like cause seriously Prince’s don’t exist.  But I do believe the right man does!
To get on that right path of at least attracting good men, I leveraged all of the freedom and space I had, while not in a relationship, to focus on ME and my INNER GLOW.  It was and is a must because if you are not emotionally in a great place on your own before you enter a relationship, the ‘not so emotionally stable nor great’ guys will come your way, until you are. images-177
My love for you this week is not about you getting your inner glow ON which I am so passionate about.  It’s about attracting quality.  Quality over quantity.  Attracting ‘the good ones’ and weeding out the bad ones that you just don’t need in your circle at this point in your life.
Here are some tips to attract quality over quantity while online dating:
In Your Profile:
  • Your profile description should be short (3 sentences max), sweet (be loving) and to the point (keep it real).  What is it you are looking for.  I remember in my profile I included:  Communication matters!   <- to the point; cause it SO does matter if you want a healthy relationship.  And that I wanted!
  • 2-3 pics max; show your eyes and include classy & sexy shots; tease a bit in a classy way (maybe an off the shoulder top) but no bathing suit shots.  That is not sexy.  That just shouts to the world ‘send me some players or sleazy men’
  • The multiple choice questions that are created from the site to build the foundation of your profile.  Be honest about where you stand with those.  If you want children, select yes, want children.  If you want marriage, select yes, looking for marriage.   Keep that real.
In His Profile:
  • Look for a man with a profile that contains pictures that show his eyes (not showing off ‘any’ of his prize possessions)
  • Look for a man’s profile with a description that shows he has some depth, maturity and heart (commitment path)
  • Look for a man’s profile whose stats and hobbies spark an interest and similarity to your world; children/no children, religion, etc.)
It is important that you make the ‘dating again’ experience work for you.  I truly want you to enjoy it and most important attract good man.
I can help you create your own personal strategy for dating that not only makes it work for you but also adds some excitement around the whole experience.  If you can use some of that extra love, email me directly at
Xo Jeannine