Dating ‘Again’ as Entertainment…What?

Ah the things we have control over… One of them being how WE look and experience being back in the game and dating ‘again’.
In dating mode you have good experiences and not so good ones.  You meet some men that inspire you and give you a sense of hope that ‘YES, there are good ones out there’. Then you meet others that make you want to run to your couch under the covers and tune in to another viewing of ‘Bridget Jone’s Diary’ perhaps with a pint (or two) of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s.  Yeah, I’ve been there!
I want you to own this time of your life, in every way.  This time of dating ‘again’ while it’s here. YOU have control over how you perceive, view and experience it all.
What got me embracing and enjoying dating again (in my 40s this time) was how I viewed the overall process of dating. I put the whole dating thing into a bucket called ‘Entertainment’.  I started to look at meeting new men, online dating, the email back and forth frenzy, the blind date meet ups, etc. all as4b9484a96c33909bc06a339c5151904f an opportunity to just get to meet new people, learn about their journey, network (you never know where new work opportunities can come from), eat, drink, have fun and just keep it light.  Keep it light until that someone special comes along.
While you’re continuing to focus on YOU (and your self love affair) and doing the things that make YOU tick, YOU control how you take on this dating stuff.  To keep your ‘good mood’ vibration high and flowing, why not make dating lighter on you and sprinkle it into your world as ‘entertainment’?
In turn, I promise, the more you take this on as a positive and entertaining time for you in your journey, you WILL attract more positive men.  Good energy while in dating mode and during actual dates will bring forth men on that same frequency.
How are your dating experiences going?  Are you enjoying the ride or not so much? What is the one thing you think you need that can help you keep dating light and embrace it more as entertainment?
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In the interim, keep on keeping on… XO

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  1. Noelle Molnar says:

    I have not been dating at all. I’ve been getting out more, just not meeting anyone. 🙁