Catching The Curveballs That Are Thrown Your Way!

Catching The Curveballs That Are Thrown Your Way!

As we kicked off 2016, we dove right into the foundation of reclaiming your power, which starts from within!  Being aware of your thoughts, mindset and not disregarding what is under that carpet from past experiences all in light to not keep repeating those ‘not so amazing’ patterns.

This was all for you to get that ball rolling in taking the reins and reclaiming your power when any negative past thoughts squirm their little way into your mind and suddenly bring you down, make you sad or bring you anger. Replacing those past thoughts with good ones that make you feel happy with where you are at today or where you would like to be.   This definitely takes practice but when you get there and begin to shift from ‘getting out of your own head’ and start replacing negative thoughts with good feelings and experiences that you want in your life now, you are beginning to bring yourself back into your power.

What good thoughts and actions can you start to take and use now to replace negative past thoughts that come up?

As you start to strengthen this muscle of reclaiming your power over the past stuff, what happens when AS YOU are practicing and learning to come to peace with some of your negative thoughts and experiences, a NEW curveball is thrown your way, BOOM, and then anotherimages-9…?!

Well, hopefully not that frequent for any of us, but when when life happens, sometimes the unexpected comes our way, those unplanned things, from breakups in relationships to breakups of friendships to breakups in jobs which in turn breaks the day to day patterns that we are so used to. How do we then deal with that too?!

Well, I was just thrown my 1st curveball of 2016, two weeks into the New Year!

Although it was at first a not so great startle and crappy feeling, I knew that having my own (EM)Power Tool Belt with tools, tips, actions and steps… that, I GOT THIS!

With that in mind, I knew to kick in the mindset shift card and start taking small steps to take the reins back, which is me taking control of the situation without it taking control of me.  Finding my light again, taking steps to make this situation work for me and take me to the next level. And finally, to reignite my world, the exciting part! Taking steps to discover from this curve ball, what new opportunities can I now bring into my life!

The (EM)Power Tool Belt is different for each and every one of us but it is filled with tools (metaphor for tools of tips, steps & actions!) to reclaim our power and I am for sure pulling out mine for this one!

It took me time to get to this place but because I am there, I not only dusted my mitt off to catch the curveball, I know that it will take me to a better and much more fulfilling place…!

With the next curveball or unexpected experience that comes your way, and with your past ones that you are still dealing with, you don’t need to have all of the answers or even know the ‘how’ to make everything perfect over night, you just need to know that you have the power within you to take the necessarimagesy steps to make things OKAY again, and eventually, great again for YOU!

It takes time to get there and that is where I come in to help… step by step as you deserve to have your own customized (EM)Power Tool Belt!

I hope you see how freeing it is for YOU to take on things that truly weigh you down in this empowering way rather than allowing those things to take on you!

I would love to hear your comments below…

Sending YOU much love & light.