Bringing Those Spa Like Feelings To Your Day-to-Day

Who doesn’t love the spa? Those serenity peaceful yummy feelings you experience when you find the time to escape to pampering land and zone out in some delish ‘you time’ for a few hours.

You deserve to experience those inner blissful feelings more often than I bet you do today. So how can you sprinkle them into your reality from outside the spa?

I look to recreate some of those yummy feelings in my world by adding balance, peace and pleasure throughout my week. I love receiving balance, peace and pleasure when I am at the spa, but its needs to happen more often.  And the more balance, peace and pleasure I allow into my day to day, the more self love, trust and confidence I have.  And these are MUST HAVES for us all!

Having balance in your life is making the time for those key areas that matter most to you.   With that in general conjures up more feelings of fulfillment, joy and happiness.  Having some structure and discipline around this while not overloading in one area is a healthy way to live. From work to exercise to spending time with loved ones to regrouping. The regrouping piece is a big one.  Having some solitude ‘you time’ is also a key way to stay consistent on the balance front.  It also helps you get more clear as to where your time and energy may need to shift.  A gift you can give yourself and loved ones today is to realign your schedule and see where you can adjust and clear some space to bring in more balance.images-129

How about some peace? Having peace within yourself keeps you healthy, young and even more productive. Peace comes from within and with that no one else can truly bring you that sense of inner tranquility. One should never rely on anyone else for that. Others can bring you a sense of peace, and you should welcome that with open arms, but at the end of the day, it is really from within that you will achieve your most quiet and fulfilling place. There is so much around us in this world that can easily knock us off-balance and out of that peaceful state so take the time to sprinkle in ways for you to find your own inner peace.

What I create around me to bring me that sense of peace from within is: Balance, authentic relationships, no clutter, open communication, being around nature, meditation, flow dreaming, music and continuous up leveling and growing on the spiritual front while having my planner with me for the most part at all times (having this little guy brings me that feeling of being organized which in turn is peaceful for me).  What is it for you that brings you that the feeling of peace…outside the spa?

Ah pleasure!  As pleasure is typically derived from outside sources, you still need it.  It’s an individual desire with hopefully much spice that adds on to your joy.  What is it that brings you pleasure?  Find that out and sprinkle it in.  You can get pleasure from other relationships and through your work, etc. but I am thinking more along the lines of the juicy stuff.  The guilty pleasures from having amazing dinners and drinks with friends and loved ones to eating ice images-131cream or watching mindless ‘nonsense’ TV (and belly laughing ~ something we all need to do more often!) to getting your love ON ~ yes adding those pleasures that bring out your sexy.  Getting some lovin’ just may be that answer.  It really is a life line for us women to get, be and feel sexy and have affection and love in our life.  If you don’t have or feel this in your current world, that is OK but try to make that temporary.  It is time to get you on a path to ring that in.  This is a healthy guilty pleasure and a sensual path that all women need to feel and experience.  It’s never too late and it’s also one that I can help you get on.  So do find your pleasure(s) sprinkling in some love and some spice…for sure!

PSSST ~ If you can’t seem to find your spa like feelings such as these I shared, from balance to peace to pleasures, then here, take mine.  Sprinkle them into your day to day!   And if you want to do some more digging of your own, start with the spa like feelings you LOVE when you are at the spa.  Then focusing on the ‘feelings’ you experience, come up with alternative ways to create those exact feelings and bring them into your day-to-day.  Be creative and make it fun.

So what did you come up with and how will you bring them into your world?  Comment below or email me directly at ~ I would love to know.  Plus I may just sprinkle some of yours into my world too.