Off the cusp, we ALLLLLL get stuck from time to time… Sometimes we are flat out stuck knowing that a change is needed yet we have no idea what steps to take… Sometimes we think we are stuck but it’s resistance with fears since we know the actions that need to take place but we will do anything and everything before we attempt to start them… And yet other times we are not even stuck, we just dread what needs to get done and will procrastinate and avoid it for as long as we possibly can.

In light of getting out of our own way, how long is it that we plan to stay in stuck mode? And is getting unstuck, much easier said than done!?  Here are key items that I do every time I need to break down the barriers of feeling stuck:

GET READY> Your Internal Dialogue & Words You Speak ‘Absolutely’ Matter – As part of the Law of Attraction, and being so aware of it, time and time again how I think and what I speak, I experience…  How you ‘think’ when you are processing things in your head, (inner voice glass half empty or half full), how you ‘speak to others’, (such as if you say “I am stuck, I don’t know what to do next, I am lost, I can’t figure this out, I am overwhelmed”, etc.) and how you show up in your day to day (dragging yourself, low on energy, etc.) is what you will continue to attract…

GET SET > Make it a point to shift any of the dark thoughts and ways of being listed above from the dark and negative context to the light….“I am going to figure this out and take actions, I got this, I will get support to help me break down what to do next if I can’t figure it out on my own, I will move forward with this, I need to do this for me so I am ready to take action now”, etc… You can’t refuse to take any action, then complain about being stuck, right? Law of Attraction will support you in this way if you start to shift these areas… I look at this as the pre-requisite to getting unstuck. Lay this as the foundation to bring you more into your power before you take some actions. Even with these small shifts, you will start to carry yourself different and ultimately feel more confident before the next step, getting ready to take actions.

GO > Based on what you are feeling stuck about, get a pencil and paper and get to it… list out all options that can possibly get you out of feeling stuck and more into alignment with the situation at hand. Be specific and include actions / steps next to each one. After you finish writing these out, put it aside for one night and sleep on it.   The next day, make a decision as to which one you will take action on, which one feels most right for you.  Doesn’t mean you will not encounter any obstacles, but if you do, then either persevere forward through them or re-examine your path…  Go with your gut and start to demonstrate trust with yourself.

Move forward slowly and listen to what your body is telling you along the way. Always have trusting & loving support that you can bounce ideas off of as I truly don’t believe in going through anything without support or guidance along the way.

ALAS > Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk…  After going through all of your options, make the choice and start to take action… be proud of yourself for moving this needle forward through being stuck. Now you are walking the walk.  Take it slow and always know baby steps = progress.

You want the area that you feel stuck about to shift in your world sooner rather than later so you feel aligned, get your flow back and so you are not in the SAME exact spot 6 months from now…

images-38These steps will bring you closer to the Empowered Living that I am so passionate about for you… Being and living in your truth, in alignment with yourself, who you are and what makes you tick.   You will feel more confident having taken actions… And watch, the Universe, Law of Attraction and all the other good spiritual powers that be, will start to support you as you walk forward…

This is all part of bringing you into the world that you most crave, whether that be freedom, confidence, fun, love or all of the above!

What decisions are you feeling stuck about? What is it that you truly want shifted this year?   Let me know as I would love help you break these down and move you forward.

Love & Light,

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  1. Anita says:

    I need to get started reading, researching and writing for my doctoral dissertation.

  2. Anita Layin says:

    I need motivation and accountability to begin my reading, research and writing for my doctoral dissertation.

    • jaddonisio says:

      Hi Anita! Congratulations in getting to the point to where you are ready to start writing your doctoral dissertation! I definitely understand procrastination coming into play here… I suggest building an outline to start and take one section at a time… whichever section speaks to you 1st, start with…. doesn’t necessarily need to be the intro… then start to piecemeal the draft sections together as you go back and revamp with this baseline underway…

      I would be happy to jump on a quick call with you if you want some more specific tips in getting pen to paper, to get you started and into a daily routine and momentum in building out your doctoral. Schedule some time by going to my home page / bottom right XO