Are You Choosing ‘Safety’ Over Love?

Finding “real love” is risky and requires that we get out of our comfort zone.  Be vulnerable.  Expose our soft underbelly.  And break away from our protective shell?!
As a typical Moonchild (the crab – hard outer shell, soft inner), I’ve been living with a protective “outer shell” subconsciously thinking it was keeping me safe.  I was so selective and careful with who and how I connected with people,especially with who I let into my heart and inner most feelings, until I really got to know them.

Well, it’s time to let go of that shell.  I’ve not only awakened to the fact that linking it to feeling safe in protecting my heart was just a subconscious illusion, but I also learned that deepening my level of connecting with others is letting go of that shell while also gaining a whole new level of freedom in my relationships.

Are you protecting yourself from getting too close to a good man?  
Do you have an outer shell that you ‘think’ is protecting you from getting hurt?  
Or maybe you are unknowingly keeping a wall (your guard) up with underlying fears to keep you ‘safely’ distant from opening your heart?FullSizeRender-3

  You may not even be aware (as I wasn’t), but if you are, you’re making it next to impossible for that man, men and others to really see you.

And guess what?  The shell (the wall, the guard) is not keeping you safe and you don’t need it to.  Aha Moment!  It’s just keeping you from getting close to others and letting “real love” in.   And if you do have ‘a shell’, I bet you’ve been playing small and hiding the full you from others.  Does that sound familiar at all?

When you are looking to connect with a new guy, someone you may already know or as you continue to date and meet new ‘potentials’, if you stay in your shell, the connection will stay dim.  ‘Other people’ you wish to connect to, need to feel you!  You will be much more relatableenticing and attractive when you remove that shell (shield, layer of protection, whatever you call it) and let others connect with you and your heart.

Don’t forget life happens.  Truly connecting with others and finding “real love” is you taking a risk and if you truly want it, you need to go in full throttle (a.k.a. “no protective shells included”).

As I continue to ride this healing growth wave that I’m on, I’ll have much more to share with you.

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Love, Jeannine

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