Ah, I Let Myself Down And It Feels Crummy

It’s really easy to let yourself down when you do things that make you feel crummy.  

This past week I’ve been away from home, entertaining with friends, not exercising and eating way too many carbs!  I couldn’t stop myself from saying no to pizza, lobster rolls and ice cream.  Yum but ahhhhhh!

I live a very conscious healthy and active lifestyle with the occasional sweet tooth craving but the last few days I’ve been feeling so guilty, sluggish and even emotionally down about my past week.  On top of that, I’ve been feeling lazy and due to that, my mood has shifted in the wrong direction.  For some more icing on the cake, this has even brought unnecessary friction in the air amongst my loved ones.

Wow, this got me thinking.  Just my eating bad, not honoring myself and doing things that set me back and further away from what makes me happy and ‘feel good’ spiraled other areas in my life, that matter to me, to go wrong.  And it all happened pretty quick without my realizing I was the one creating it.images-30

Could this be happening with you also?  Is there something you are doing in your life that is taking you further away from what you most desire and what will make you happy?  Could you be self sabotaging just like I did?

Most important, are you ready to overcome it? 

The truth is, if you don’t take steps to turn what you’re doing or not doing around immediately, it not only hurts you, it impacts other areas of your life.

To turn this around immediately, let’s chat by simply clicking here.  It’s so easy to get sucked into your “comfort and safe” zone by staying in a rut or taking steps that move you no where.  Let’s put an end to that together.

XO Jeannine

P.S. Want to find your ‘feel great’ place by overcoming the self sabotage you may be doing to yourself? Schedule a call with me here if you’re ready to get your groove and momentum back now.