To Be Or Not To Be ‘A Confident Woman’

A Confident Woman. Such a small phrase yet one that exudes strength, enlightenment, inspiration, fulfillment and empowerment and quite honestly ‘a very sexy way of being’ that EVERY woman back in the game of dating should be embodying.

To be straight up when it comes to confidence, there is no fast track or switch to flip overnight to gain it, build it or exude it.  And for certain, it’s not just a one stop shop thing that you can purchase…from anyone. Having confidence, being confident and living confidently has many layers. It’s more of a lifestyle, a practice, a way of being and a beautiful path to be on as you journey forward.

I built my online event (that’s still underway and not too late to join) called ‘The Confident Woman’ solely around women being, getting and becoming confident.  I wanted women to get inspired and empowered to get on the beautiful path and since there are many facets to it, I wanted top notch leaders offering wisdom, tips and guidance around how the heck to get it.images-185

Let’s make it fun and break it down. The confidence of a woman is like an umbrella, that protecting layer. And what steers and holds that umbrella in place (the umbrella pole/shaft, if you will) is a combination of a woman’s internal self love, self-esteem, self-trust, beliefs, thinking patterns, energy, vibration, conscious awareness, feelings, choices, wellness and level of joy.

In looking to empower women to create and enjoy the dating phase while ultimately attracting a man who cherishes, loves, adores and honors them, it’s imperative to take the time to invest in building ‘you’ under that confidence umbrella.

You will feel more empowered day to day way and especially as a single woman. Why not be a much more fulfilled, inspired and confident woman living your best life NOW?! Not months or years from now…now!

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