A Bit of Rinsing As You ‘Get To Know Each Other’

Day in and day out, I thrive off of learning and growing from my experiences. I am grateful for thinking and living this way cause as experiences are repeated (from fun and loving ones to conflicts, curve balls and the unknowns), I get better and better at processing, handling and embracing.  This is a huge part of my being on the self love affair journey cause as I learn, I grow and as I grow, I love more and as I love more, I am living more.  And experiencing a much more fuller life.July Blog

When it comes to the journey to finding love, being in love and staying in love wouldn’t it be awesome to have a little booster in your pocket to enhance easing how you handle the inevitable general conflicts that life throws your way especially, while navigating the newness of the ‘getting to know each other’ phase in relationships?

Let’s face it, while in dating mode, men come and go. This is all part of the process.  The men that go are truly meant to have gone. So thank you to those men; hopefully from those experiences you learned another lesson (I know I did) as to what does not feel quite right for you. Then there are the ones, and ultimately the one, where it just flows. Well, as it flows life gets in the way and with that, the tests start coming in.

The tests as to how you really feel and how well you handle experiences, disagreements, challenges or misunderstandings individually and of course together.

Since the tests are inevitable and if you want love, they are here to stay, you need to embrace them and take them head on.  They are all part of the ride leading to falling in love, staying in love or sometimes letting go altogether.

To help ease you through the tests so you continue to learn and grow (hopefully together), I recommend you take in a pretty cool (and easy!) concept called rinsing, repeating and releasing.  

This is an interesting concept that many entrepreneurs use to create and build amazing products and programs.  Each time they ‘rinse, repeat and release’ their program/product, the parts that didn’t work are removed (rinsed) then it gets repeated and released (again and again) until the best potential outcome and experience is reached for all involved.

Remembering to work this concept in during your ‘getting to know you’ phase can ease the tests and any relationship conflicts. Growing and learning from each challenging experience, as you rinse, repeat and release, you are basically working out and removing the negative kinks as to how you handled the experience, disagreement, challenge or misunderstanding.

Rinse off what didn’t feel right for you (like removing the dirt during a shower), what wasn’t handled right and what needs to shift (from your end cause that’s your focus) so your next repeat and release ‘conflict/resolution’ experience is just better.

Like anything else, practicing this and viewing these types of challenges as ‘opportunities’ during the getting to know someone phase, will enhance your journey ‘together’ as well as make it stronger and stronger.


So change the way you look at the tests as you ‘get to know you’ someone. Keep rinsing (from your end) to always handle better the next time around.  Conflicts and curve balls will inevitably  repeat as it’s part of starting and being in a relationship. Learn and grow from each experience making them opportunities to enhance your journey.

There is always room for learning and growing. Keep growing. Keep becoming a better version of you for yourself and your path ahead. As you navigate through your ‘getting to know you’ phase and thereafter throughout your relationship, rinse, repeat and release as needed so you continue to regroup with yourself and build ongoing better and good memories.

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